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liquid chalk markers

Liquid Chalk Markers

I've finally found a whiteboard marker that doesn't leave residue! These are actually liquid chalk markers by Uni, the people who make Posca Markers. I left this 'chalk' on a whiteboard for over 3 months then removed the art-work with a damp cloth and the board went back to bright white, no residue of any kind. The colours are strong and opaque too. When I did our Christmas window art you could see it bright and clear from the car-park, not like some of the old transaparent liquid chalks.

These are perfect for any non-porous surface like metal, plastic, glass and whiteboards. And, various nib-sizes make artwork a breeze. The ink is also scratch-proof once dry. If you rub it nothing happens. But, wet it with a damp cloth and the slightest movement will remove it cleanly. They can't be used on blackboards though. Any porous surface seems to trap the colour and makes removal difficult.

See here for our full range.

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